Multi-coloured removable segmentsThe Pajala time-piece is an excellent aid for the mentally handicapped, the elderly, children and others who may have difficulties with the concept of time.

The time-piece is 35cm in diameter. It has an hour hand which makes one revolution per 24 hours. The second hand symbolises the passage of time as well as indicating that the timepiece is in operation.

24 hour handIn order to avoid confusion, the Pajala time-piece has no minute hand. Along the rim of the clock there are 48 removable segments in different colours. Each segment represents one half hour. The segments can be moved and placed anywhere on the frame. The different areas of colour make it easier to indicate where on the “time space” different events are to take place. Extra segments are included for individual adaptation of the time-piece.

Pictogram symbols can be attached to the rim of the time-piece. They can greatly help the user to understand different events due during the day.

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